Home, Safe Home

Homelessness Week is an important national annual event to shine a light on homelessness, to learn from the voices of people with lived experience of homelessness and collectively reflect on what we need to do to change perceptions and stigmas to end homelessness.

The purpose of this communique is to provide an overview and outcomes of Homelessness Week 2019.

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You're warm and safe tonight, but not everyone is 'Home Safe Home'

At the basic level a home is simply a shelter, it’s somewhere to store your possessions, it’s somewhere to cook a daily meal, it’s a place to sleep.

But a home is more than just four walls and a roof, a home provides safety and security, that most West Australians take for granted every single day.

Homelessness comes in many forms: couch surfing, sleeping in the car, jumping from one short-stay accommodation to another, and of course sleeping rough.

Ending homelessness isn’t simply about providing shelter, it is about providing a home where someone is and feels safe. When we hear safety, most of us will think of physical safety, but it’s more than that; it’s the emotional safety that comes with a good night’s sleep; it’s the financial safety, knowing that you can pay for fuel in your car to be able to get to work, to buy food for the next week; it’s the physical safety of knowing that your violent partner can no longer impede on you and your children’s lives.

This year we are calling for you to help get someone off the street