Civil Safety

A home should provide various types of safety

Civil Safety

Experiencing homelessness often means that people are not able to carry out simple tasks that someone with a fixed address may take for granted.

The lack of a physical address makes so many things difficult or impossible for someone experiencing homelessness.

Applying for jobs is almost impossible
- Most job applications require an address, and it’s often difficult to get a home without a regular income.
- Many people experiencing homelessness don’t have a reliable phone – they may not be able to put credit on it or find someone to charge the battery.
- Personal grooming can be very difficult when accommodation is intermittent.

“You can’t get a job if you [have] got nowhere to sleep... Looking like ‘foreman material’ is not easy when you are sleeping out or in squats with no amenities like running water or electricity.”

Education rights are hindered for young people as an address is required in order to be eligible in the public school system.

“The education system in high school is geared to [the] situation of being at home with a family, whereas with me I don’t have that family support, either financially or emotionally, and I sort of feel like a square peg in a round hole."

A number of other countries have recognised ‘homelessness’ as a ‘social status’, ‘housing status’ or ‘employment status’ within the prohibition on discrimination. However, Australia’s current anti-discrimination laws do not prohibit discrimination against homeless people on any of these grounds.